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What Our Customers Say 

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Partnering with RIMOTEeye has made communication between parents and teachers a lot more efficient. Our teachers are also able to set daily teaching expectations and guidelines.The day-to-day activities like attendance, homework, performance tracking etc. are much more streamlined. The platform has been a great helping hand to our school and has helped us boost our advancement.It has brought the focus back to the child’s growth and development


The RIMOTEeye platform makes us accurately aware of our child’s school activities from the time he/she boards the bus and reaches school to notices, homework guidelines etc. We can have a more informed discussion with the teacher about our child’s growth. With all the educational material uploaded on the platform, the homework/self-study part has become much easier, and they have access to many more educational videos and files. With all the information at our fingertips now, it feels like teamwork along with the school, towards our child’s growth.


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