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Managing the end-to-end attendance records in schools is a very time consuming task for teachers. It compromises on the time that could have been utilized probably to teach a difficult concept in greater detail. "RIMOTE ATTENDANCE" focuses on the automation and accuracy of this process. It ensures every audience - teacher, parents and the school, has access to the information relevant to them by virtue of separate user-friendly interfaces.

"RIMOTE ATTENDANCE" is the go-to product for schools to digitize their attendance system and save some unproductive man-hours for teachers and administrators.

As the students enter the class, the attendance gets automatically updated on the teacher's smart device a.nd they can directly begin with the lecture.

English Teacher
Teacher with Tablet

"RIMOTE ATTENDANCE" acts as a digital dossier. It enables a teacher to have access to all the records of students in a class.

Parents stay updated through alert messages when their ward enters the class.

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"RIMOTE ATTENDANCE" provides school administrators with a comprehensive view of the attendance status across all classes as well as access to attendance summary for a specific class/period.

A consolidated monthly attendance summary report is also provided to the concerned authorities.

Schools can choose to deploy "RIMOTE ATTENDANCE"  through either of the following technology options-

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QR Code

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NFC (Near Field Communication)


Face Recognition

How is RIMOTE Attendance unique?

Multiple options to capture attendance

Schools can choose from the 3 different options for attendance capturing- QR code, NFC or facial recognition depending on what works best for them.

Consolidated Attendance Report

We provides the school authorities with a monthly attendance report in the specific format required by the education department. This saves the authorities a lot of effort and time on a monthly basis.

Switch to RIMOTE ATTENDANCE today. Get smarter, get RIMOTE eye!

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