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Fee management, in any school, is a time and labour-intensive activity. It involves long man-hours sending invoices and reminders,collecting fees and sending receipts individually for each transaction. Even after putting so many hours into it, there is always a possibility of a manual error in the process. Depending on the size of the school it often requires a large team to manage this crucial activity efficiently.




RIMOTE Wallet is the antithesis to the manual fee-management system. It streamlines the process by integrating the payment gateway into the RIMOTE Eye application. The system automates the entire process of fees collection for schools including sending timely invoices and receipts for payments.

In addition , it also allows schools to set up virtual shops for school accessories such as uniforms, books etc. So, no need for parents to get into the long queues grappling for the correct subject books or suitable sizes.

RIMOTE Wallet offers parents the ease to make payment to school directly through the app via an integrated payment gateway. It also makes it easier for the school and the parents to keep track of such transactions at a single platform.

Online Shopping

With the help of our integrated payment gateway, the process of reminders -> payment -> receipt generation, becomes digitized. No more manual follow-ups, no more cash transactions (unless voluntary) and no more record-keeping and invoice delivery.

How is "RIMOTE WALLET" unique?

Integrated payment gateway

RIMOTE Wallet is integrated with the RIMOTE Eye app. Hence, there is no need to switch to other payment sites to carry out any transaction.

Hassle free Fee management

With automated reminders & instant invoice generation, the end-to-end fee management process is taken care of.

Switch to RIMOTE Wallet today. Get smarter, get RIMOTE eye!

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