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Technology is revolutionizing education across the world.It has a profound impact on how we teach, where we teach and what we teach. Globally, schools have witnessed paradigm shift with respect to exchange of knowledge between teachers & students. With most schools adopting online methods of interfacing with students, there is an inevitable need for a platform that is convenient to use and makes distance learning immersive & safe.

With "RIMOTE EDUCAST" we aim to reemphasize the importance of classroom learning. "RIMOTE EDUCAST" enables schools to conduct online classes through a secure platform that ensures security of data.

There are two ways in which we achieve this-

Edu Live : "RIMOTE EDUCAST" helps to imitate a classroom-like experience by enabling live lectures/classrooms on a video-conferencing platform. It equips teachers with several tools (e.g. share white board , presentations & screens ; conduct polls) to create a quality learning experience. and conduct real-time lectures online .

Edu 'Carte : An a la carte menu of pre-recorded content made available for students to access on demand. 'RIMOTE EDUCAST' allows schools to create their own learning content(lectures, presentations  etc.) and host them on cloud-enabled platform which ensures faster accessibility and security of data.


We understand that this method of teaching may be extremely new and hence, "RIMOTE CLASSROOM" has been designed to ensure easy navigation and a simple logging in to join the classroom for online classes or discussions.

How is "RIMOTE EDUCAST" different?

Cloud Based Solution

As "RIMOTE EDUCAST" is a cloud based solution, the security and sanctity of data is always ensured  at all points during the live lessons, or fetching hosted content.

"RIMOTE EDUCAST" equips teachers with tools for collaboration such as sharing white-board ,screen , audio/video files, conduct polls etc. It also allows exchange of ideas among participants on interactive panel.

Multiple Collaboration tools

Switch to RIMOTE EDUCAST today. Get smarter, get RIMOTE eye!

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