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School libraries play a very important role to connect students to the broader world and create life long learners. ​It is a place to find a great book to engage their mind , a documentary video that delights them or a solution to a tricky problem.


While stocking up a library might be relatively easier, management of library operations is an arduous task. Keeping record of the stock, issuance and returns can be a hassle if not managed efficiently.

Digitization of Inventory Records

'RIMOTE LIBRARY'' deploys a QR based coding mechanism to convert the physical library records into a digital inventory dossier that can be easily accessed through our platform.

Access to Digital Content

Not restricting to only hardcover books , 'RIMOTE LIBRARY' provides students access to a plethora of digital information available in the form of audio ,video & E-Books that can be issued & accessed on the platform

Digital Library 1.jpg

Automated issuance

With "RIMOTE Library" , allotting a book to a student is as easy as 1-2-3. The librarian  simply scans the QR code on the book or journal to be be issued which automatically updates the issuance logbook instead of manually entering the details

College Library

 Due Date Reminders

The solution helps parents keep track of the books issued by their children and the due date to return  the same.

How is "RIMOTE LIBRARY"​ different ?

Ease of Use

With a user-friendly interface, it is very convenient for the librarian to access and use it

Alerts & Reminders

With automated updates to the parents and due date reminders, the chances of loss of a book get reduced

Data Migration

The platform is only part of our solution. We also assist migration of library data onto our digital platform

Switch to 'RIMOTE LIBRARY' today. Get smarter, get RIMOTE eye!

Through 'RIMOTE LIBRARY' we provide schools with a library management system that helps them manage the library operations effectively and accurately.

'RIMOTE LIBRARY' enhances library management and operations in 4 major areas


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