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Jointly responsible for a child's education, it is imperative for parents and teacher to have access to an uncomplicated and convenient means to interact with each other along with relevant reference data to make that communication meaningful. With increased penetration of smart phones, there is an opportunity for schools to have a more interactive and rich engagement.

"RIMOTE COMMUNICATE" is a comprehensive platform that make communication between school authorities/teachers and parents a breeze . It also acts as a ready repository of data specific to students for easy reference.


"RIMOTE COMMUNICATE" avoids the hassle of switching between different platforms for different type of information exchange e.g. one solution to send a notice &  another one to manage leave application. Teachers & parents can contact each other at the tap of a button and share essential correspondence. This all-encompassing platform enables 1-1  as well as broadcast message to the entire class

The gamut of information that can be exchanged between all the stakeholders include-

Rich media 


Leave Management


Class Schedule

Exam Results


An integral feature of the communication platform, "CANVAS" is an always accessible - digital memoir of a child's experiences in school. It allows schools to have more engaging interaction with parents by sharing rich media. Schools can showcase various extra-curricular activities by posting relevant pictures/videos. Parents can engage with the teacher’s posts instantly. They can like or share their reaction by posting a comment.

How is "RIMOTE COMMUNICATE" different?

Monitor student performance

With a graphical analysis, a student’s performance can be monitored over a period of time. Thus, it helps to focus on the areas where he/she may need more help.


Imagine creating a multitude of memories on a single platform. RIMOTE Canvas enables parents & school authorities to have engaging interactions and witness interesting moments in a child's life at campus.

"RIMOTE COMMUNICATE" allows the school authorities/teachers to call the parents directly through the app 

One tap contact with parents

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