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"RIMOTE COMPASS" ​is a digital thread that ties a school bus, its driver and students during to&fro commute between homes & schools. 

A solution that rides high on technology, "RIMOTE COMPASS" seeks to solve a two-fold challenge

  • The need for parents to stay informed about the whereabouts of their children

  • The need for schools to track their buses

Children in School Bus
  • "RIMOTE COMPASS" act as virtual eyes for parents and schools while the child travel alone in the bus on his/her way to school.

  • It enables parents to track the live location of their child and the bus he boarded while schools are equipped to track the location of its entire fleet of buses on a centralized portal.

  • Schools can also choose to get live feed from the buses by installing  CCTV cameras.

"RIMOTE COMPASS" acts as an information enabler by providing access to relevant information to all stakeholders.

It allows schools to send alert messages in case of emergencies such as traffic jams.

Any variation from the set routine , be it a change in the allotted bus or driver for the specific day or a last minute change of route is immediately reflected in the system for the parents and schools to access.

Image by Lwin Kyaw Myat

"RIMOTE COMPASS" scores over traditional GPS trackers in many aspects. We believe that schools deserve an app that requires minimal intervention from school administration and yet is smart enough in its implementation to minimize any technological glitches. With our minimal and uncomplicated interface, bus drivers can initiate the trip by logging in with their smart cards and with accurate tracking, parents stay well-informed.

How is "RIMOTE COMPASS"​ different

Tracking both the bus & the rider

The system does not assume the child's presence in the bus by default. Instead a child is associated with a particular bus only when he/she actually boards it

Alert Management

The solution enables the bus driver in case of an emergency such as a break down to contact the school authorities who in turn can take necessary action and inform the parents using "RIMOTE Connect"

Change Management

The system is equipped to handle any planned or last-minute change in the allocation of bus / its driver / route for a student and instantly reflects the same on the user interface

Switch to 'RIMOTE COMPASS' today. Get smarter, get RIMOTE eye!

Image by Austin Pacheco
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