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Enhancing a School's operational efficiency using RIMOTEeye !!

An esteemed partner of ours is a school that has students coming in from a whopping 40 Km radius contributing to a one-way travel time of 2-hours on a good day . The transport coordinator is tasked to keep track of 43 buses attending to 2000 students and 200 staff members. Earlier, the buses could hardly make it in time due to regular traffic congestion . Besides, since the bus-stops were at a distance from the students’ homes, it became the the parent's responsibility to pick and drop the students at the bus-stop. They ended up waiting endlessly for the bus clueless about its location.

Here are the challenges we solved :-


  • Endless waits due to traffic

  • No means to track the bus

Transport Official

  • Inability to arrange alternative in case of a bus break-down

  • Unable to track the bus location

Bus Drivers

  • Reluctance to try any new technology due to lack of familiarity and exposure

School Authorities

  • Constant fear of mishap  during transit due to hilly location

  • Lack of  mechanism to manage  students' attendance & communication with parents

The offered solution comprised of the following modules to cater to needs of various stakeholders. 


CHALLENGE -> Lack of transport management system to track the buses and provide updates

SOLUTION ->     With the aim to digitize the transport process and increase efficiency, every bus was fit with RIMOTEeye checkpoints. Provision was made for battery backup along with facility for charging at each check point. On special request by the school, CCTV cameras were also installed in all the buses , giving school authorities access to live feed from the buses at their fingertips.


Reading Map on Mobile


Parents can access the live GPS location of their children and the driver’s details. Now there is no need for the parents to wait endlessly at the bus stops; they can track the child’s active location and know when he/she is reaching.

Monitoring Room

Transport Officer

They can now monitor all the buses via a centralised portal, and that works like a charm! This has increased the efficiency of the transport management system, manifold. Any bus break-downs could now be easily reported and taken care of.

Car Dashboard Screen

Bus Driver

They find the whole process simple and very convenient. All they need to do is tap the NFC ID card at the checkpoint to start the bus trip.



CHALLENGE -> The attendance recording, tracking and reporting was a very time-consuming activity for the teachers.


SOLUTION -> Our automatic  attendance recording system allows children to record attendance using an NFC code. As part of the solution we provided all the students with ready to use NFC ID cards to tap their attendance at the checkpoint installed outside their classroom.



Math Class


The automatic capturing of attendance  saves up to 15 minutes of the teachers’ time every day. It helps them focus better on their daily class activities. It also provides them the convenience of pulling out any retrospective data for attendance data for any date.

Accountant Records

School Administration

Thanks to the Managed Service at RIMOTE , the school admin receives properly formatted attendance report for submission to the education department. This saves precious time and effort of the school staff



Teachers find informing and staying in touch with parents much more efficient now. Using RIMOTE COMMUNICATE teachers can -

  • Manage time table

  • Update parents

  • Create lecture notes

  • Upload home work in a single click by sharing the board contents

  • Share notices

  • 1-1  communication with parents

Mother and Child


With RIMOTE COMMUNICATE parents are now more involved in their child's learning process.They use it for the following

  • Stay updated about class activities, home-works,  notices and any change in time table

  • Directly stay in touch with the teacher for a dialogue regarding the development of their ward 



CHALLENGE -> The school had a requirement for a secure platform to effectively communicate with parents. Besides, operational processes like time-table keeping, homework updates etc. was taking away a lot of the teachers’ time from the teaching process. The attendance recording, tracking and reporting was a very time-consuming activity for the teachers.


SOLUTION ->RIMOTE COMMUNICATE has made communication between teachers and parents a breeze.  It avoids the chaos of class group chats and facilitates one-on-one communication.




At RIMOTE, we firmly believes in providing end-to-end assistance while offering our solutions. Our job does not start/end at selling a product; instead, we handhold our customers throughout the process.

Apart from assisting in installation of apps for teachers and parents,  a major focus area for this school was providing proper training to the end users. Our managed services team sends monthly reports to relevant school authorities. Whats more, a dedicated engineer visits the premises every week to resolve any issues.


This has given the school more time to focus on the priorities in hand. To know more about the features we offer, click here.

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