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Multiple branches.....Numerous Challenges....
One efficient solution- RIMOTE-eye

When a school has 14 branches and 20,000 students to cater to, how does it manage allocation of shared assets and a uniform  experience for parents , teachers and students across all branches? 


The school here was looking for a solution to manage its entire fleet of buses that were shared across 14 branch locations. Add to this, overlapping student shifts running parallelly in all the branches made the logistics of it very complicated to manage. In order to tie these loose ends the school was looking for a single comprehensive platform for school management to maintain consistency in the processes across all the branches.

Here are the challenges we catered to :-

Centralized transport management

Effortless attendance recording & reporting

Comprehensive Communication platform

End-to-end fee management system

The offered solution comprised of the following modules to cater to needs of various stakeholders. 


CHALLENGE -> Existing set-up had 14 branches sharing amongst them a common pool of transport resources - bus, bus drivers and attendants . The allocation was done on an ad hoc basis. Also, due to a lack of transport management system there was no means to track the bus or provide updates once they left the campus..

SOLUTION ->     

All buses were GPS-enabled . The students & bus drivers were provided with smart cards to tap at specific access points installed in the bus at the start & end of the trip. Parents were provided with a user interface through the RIMOTE Eye app and the school was provided with a centralized console to allow a bird's eye view of  the shared pool of transport resources.  



Overall, the school authorities have better and comprehensive control over the buses. Allocation of buses and sharing of transport resources across 14 branches has become more efficient and hassle free. It has also helped the schools to reduce their manpower costs.


Transport Co-Ordinator

Transport management for school has become a breeze as RIMOTE COMPASS provides the school authorities with a bird's eyes view  of all its transport vehicles. A centralized console enables live tracking of buses across all branches.


Bus Drivers:

Bus drivers who were initially reluctant to try a new technology have comfortably adapted to starting the trips by logging in with their smart cards. In fact, they even ensure that each child taps his/her card while boarding and getting down from the bus.



Real time alerts and live tracking helps the parents keep a tab while the child travels independently in the school bus.  Any variation in the routine schedules, be it a last-minute change in the driver for a bus or a change of bus route, it is instantaneously reflected in the system for the parents to access.

School Management:

While increasing the operational efficiency , it helped the school to reduce costs since the need for manpower went considerably down .



CHALLENGE -> The school had 2 shifts running for the children, morning and afternoon. Moreover, the departure time for the morning shift and the entry time for the afternoon shift were overlapping. This made accurate attendance capturing very difficult.

SOLUTION ->     

We provide the schools with three options for attendance capturing- QR Code/NFC/ Face Recognition. This school has chosen the NFC system which requires the students to tap their cards at the check-points. Now, the number of students accessing these check-points were huge and successive tapping was creating ambiguity. To combat this, we have installed separate checkpoints for entry and exit to ensure a seamless process.


A summary of the attendance is made available to the teacher’s app. This reduces a considerable amount of time earlier spent on manual attendance capturing. As soon as the student taps his/her I-card, an alert reaches the parent too, informing about the log-in. To add to this, the school authorities can get a comprehensive view of class-wise, student-wise, grade-wise attendance, at their fingertips.


CHALLENGE -> A lot of teaching time was being spent on operational activities like sharing homework, notices, exam results, timetable. The school wanted to provide a hassle-free platform both to the teachers and parents, to be able to communicate easily and share essential information.

SOLUTION ->     

RIMOTE COMMUNICATE is a simple platform that has been dedicated to parent-teacher communication. It removes the need for both to oscillate between different apps.


With the non-teaching activities being taken care of, teachers have more time to focus on imparting knowledge . They can interact with the whole class or a specific student with  just a tap of a button.

Through RIMOTE CANVAS teachers are able to share media rich posts of the student's time at school . The parents are delighted to be able to check videos/pictures of their children. They can even write comments and engage with the class teacher.


CHALLENGE ->The fee management system followed was time/labour-intensive and not 100% accurate. The parents found it inconvenient to stand in queues and relay from one desk to another.

SOLUTION ->     

We helped the school and parents by introducing a fee management feature that has a built-in payment gateway. It sends automated reminders for due dates to parents, sends them invoices and produced instant receipts.


The school was pleased with the end-to-end fee management feature that removed the need for follow-ups, record keeping, invoice delivery and so on.

Our solution also provides for a provision to set up a virtual shop for S-commerce. With in-app payments and integration with 3rd party vendors, it truly has become a one-stop-shop.

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